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Studio Dance Pointe is a family owned and operated business. Family, community and proper technical training are things that we strive to promote. The atmostphere at the studio is friendly and courteous, while maintaining a structured, professional environment in which every student can benefit.

Whether you want to just learn something new and have fun in our Recreational Program, or have a chance to join our award winning Competitive Team, Studio Dance Pointe is sure to offer a program for everyone. Come and check us out, we would love to meet you!

Shelley Scott

Shelley Scott is the founder of Studio Dance Pointe. She started teaching acro classes out of a studio in her basement almost 20 years ago. She has since grown the program to what it is today with the help of her family. Shelley is a level 2 gymnastics coach and grew up competiting in gymnastics at the gym club here in St.Thomas, ON. She has been a coach since the age of 14 and her skills as an acro teacher are what has made this studio such a great success. Shelley shares her love of gymnastics with her students, and she has trained some of the strongest acrobats in Ontario. The studio would not be what it is today without Shelley. 

Daryl Scott

Daryl Scott has many purposes at Studio Dance Pointe. He is our maintenance man, our props master, our tumble coach, our secretary, our driver and a second dad to many students! Daryl co-operates the studio with the help of his wife Shelley and their daughters Amber, Jordanne, and Kacey. He is continually dreaming and  inventing ideas for dance numbers, as well as  fun activities for our students to participate in outside of studio time. He is in charge of  our fundraising activities,  and always lends a helping hand  wherever needed. Almost never leaving the studio, Daryl is devoted to our students, staff, and their families to ensure that everyone enjoys their Dance Pointe experience. He loves to see new faces come through the door, and welcomes everyone to  come and give Studio Dance Pointe a try!




Birthday Parties

Come Experience Your Child's Next Birthday With Studio Dance Pointe!


  • Dance Class in the style of your choosing taught by a Dance Pointe staff member

  • dress up costume bins for all to enjoy

  • area with table for food, cake, and presents

  • music video created of the party and a dvd is provided to each guest as a party favor

Cost: $150 for 2 hours



Please note:  that these are special orders and we require a certain number of orders before we can place them. If you request a product now we will let you know when your order is actually placed once we have enough.



Adult: XXL/XL/L/M/S

Youth: XL/L/M/S/XSM

Adult: $60 Youth:$55



Adult: XXL/XL/L/M/S

Youth: XL/L/M/S/XSM

Adult: $60 Youth:$55

Sweat Pants


Adult: XXL/XL/L/M/S

Youth: XL/L/M/S/XSM

Coming Soon!



Classes Start September 14, 2020


How Can I Register :

  • Register Online


  • In Person - during business hours (see contact page)

When you register please be sure that the email address you provide on your account is accurate and up to date. Our communication with our dance families is mostly done through email and we will send you important information throughout the year.

Thank you! 

Dance Performance


112 Curtis St. St.Thomas, ON N5P 4A5


Classes Begin Sept 14th

Office Hours:

Monday - 5:45pm - 7:30pm

Tuesday - No Office Hours

Wednesday - 5:45pm - 7:30pm

Thursday -5:30pm - 7:00 pm

Friday - CLOSED

Saturday - No Office Hours

Sunday - CLOSED

Please come in during these times for 2020 recital ticket refunds

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