Rules and Regulations

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Classroom Policy

Every Student must come to class prepared to work and have fun! This means showing up dressed ready for class. Certain classes require a uniform (please visit our "what to wear" page to find out) and all classes require hair to be pulled out of face and arriving on time.


Please try to eat and use the washrooms before your class begins. We ask that students are respectful of their teachers and other students in the class and that they attempt to participate in all the activities to the best of their ability. All of our students are required to participate in stretching and conditioning exercises as it is crucial for their development. But most of all have FUN!

Refund Policies


Students Taking an Individual Class: We offer a refund on the portion of unused tuition less a $25 registration fee. Any discounts that were applied will be void (discounts are offered based on a full year commitment) and our regular set rate per class will be used to calculate the refund.

Students Taking Multiple Classes: We offer a refund on the portion of unused tuition less a $25 registration fee. Any discounts that were applied will be void (discounts are offered based on a full year commitment) and our regular set rate for a single class will be used to calculate the refund.


Competitive Students: Rules for taking multiple classes apply. In addition the impact resulting from the loss of a competitive student creates a financial burden as additional rehearsals will need to be scheduled in order to make changes to choreography. Therefore these expenses will also be deducted prior to any refund given. 

**Note: Covid-19 policy for the 2019/2020 season will be that all unused tuition will be credited to your account after Jul 13th 2020 to be used next year. Only graduating students are eligible for refunds. Credits are transferable to another Dance Pointe student if needed.

Summer Program and Camps

There are no refunds offered for any of our summer programs as these programs have limited space available and are a shorter program, therefore allowing a replacement registration is not possible and staffing is based on the number of students in the class.

(extenuating circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis)


Recreational costume deposit of $75 is taken at the time of registration.Once costumes have been ordered there is no option for a refund. However, if a refund is requested prior to order placement then a refund is possible. Once costumes arrive a balance will be calculated and students will not be permitted to take the costume home until balance is paid. Competitive students please refer to your handbook for costume details.

Entry Fees

These fees are non-refundable once paid to the competition.

**Note: Covid-19 policy for the 2019/2020 season will allow entry fees paid in 2020 to be credit towards 2021 entry fees. Only graduating students are eligible for refunds. Others can transfer unused credits to another Dance Pointe student if needed.

Studio Etiquette

We strive to maintain a family friendly and positive enviornment not only in our classrooms, but in all areas of the studio. It is our policy that any conversation that occurs in the studio are of a positive nature. Therefore, any issues or complaints are to be brought to a staff members attention in a private manner, and meeting is scheudled at an appropriate time to discuss the matter. Individuals that do not comply with this policy will be addressed directly and may be asked to refrain from entering the studio for a specified period of time.

Forms and Waivers

Standard Liability Form
Covid-19 Liability Waiver
PAD Form
Welcome Information
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Please read ALL protocols below and make sure your dancer is aware of these as well. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe moving forward. We are following strict re-opening procedures set out by the Ontario Dance and Performing Arts Studios Workplace Guidelines. 

We will require all guardians to fill out the liability waiver that can be found above in the forms and waivers section. We will NOT allow any dancers to enter without this signed form.

*If you or your dancer is sick, we ask that you STAY HOME. 

We must follow STRICT guidelines if someone in the building develops any symptoms of COVID-19 listed on the liability waiver. Please advise your dancer that this will happen if a symptom arises. 

We will be fined and shut down if we are not following protocols and we expect ALL dancers to follow. If dancers do not adhere to our protocols, they will be sent home immediately, no exceptions. We understand that some dancers see each other outside the studio, but we expect social distancing practices to take place regardless. 

Regulations we must follow:

-Masks MUST be worn while entering/exiting the studio and when in common areas for parents and students ages 2 and up

-Dancers ONLY in the building beyond the lobby

-Parents may enter the lobby only when dropping the student off or making a payment or to speak to reception

-Every dancer will be screened by receptionist in the lobby before entering the studios

-Parents must be present for original screening 

-Classes will have staggered start times to alleviate too much traffic coming in and out

-Studios will have social distancing marks for dancers to stand 

-No dancers will be in close contact with each other

-No dancers will be in close contact with their teacher unless extremely necessary in which case the teacher will wear a mask  and use hand sanitizer before and after contact

-Dancers will enter and exit from specified studio door

-No use of change rooms 

-Dancers must bring a water bottle with an enclosed lid (no straws or push top bottles)

-Dancers must wear one uniform for all classes, will bring bag into class and will only change shoes when necessary 

-Bathrooms are available for use and will be cleaned between each use by receptionist with approved cleaning supplies

-All door handles and floors will be wiped down between class change over 

-Ballet Barres will be wiped down between each class, even if not used

-Entire building will be wiped down and sanitized at the end of each night

-We ask that dancers do not touch one another while at the studio

-There will be hand sanitizing stations throughout the studio

-There will be no more than 10 people in one class (including teacher and assistant). This is based on regulations based on sq footage


*If you need to discuss a matter, please email the studio to set up a time. No drop-in meetings will be permitted 


When you arrive for class: 

-Dancers will enter through assigned door of studio and will be screened by teacher who will be wearing a mask

-Dancers will go directly to their specified studio with all belongings 

-Dancers will place their belongings spaced out (this will be marked out) and prepare for class with required footwear 


During class:

-Dancers will stand on marked areas at the barre and in the centre

-Dancers will stay spaced through all exercises 

-There will be marked spaces to wait for across the floor exercises where dancers will go one at a time 


After class

-Dancers will exit through the outside doors of each studio room ( exception is the pink studio- they will exit through the lobby)

-Please meet your dancer there or in the parking lot (depending on age) 

-Please stay distanced from other dance families when waiting for your dancer to exit 

-REFER TO SCHEDULE COLOURS: Pink studio exits through the lobby, Blue and Green studio exits through the street exits at the front of the building, Purpler studio exits are the back of the building.


What happens if my dancer has a break in their schedule

-Dancers will need to exit the building with the entire class unless classes are back to back 

-Dancers can stay at the front of the building outdoors or with their parents outside/in cars for breaks and will require social distancing!

-Dancers will be re-screened when reentering the building. 


What can I expect from teachers? 

-Your dancer's teacher will be sanitizing between every class 

-Teachers will wipe down all surfaces including barres and door handles with WHO approved cleaning supplies between each class 

-Teachers will wear a mask  

-Teachers will hand sanitize between each class and before any potential contact with a student

-Teachers will not touch any dancers unless necessary and will demonstrate instead 

*Our teachers have all been briefed on protocols and will be following each step in accordance to our re-opening plan